S&S Proyect Basis

Bases del Proyecto «Allwënn: Soul & Sword».

Allwënn. Soul & Sword is a collaboration between a writer (Vilches) and illustrator (Javier Charro) in which both put their best weapons to build a balanced piece between an intense emotional narrative and a set of images with strength and personality.
            The writer gives the illustrator part of the universe and characters from his epic saga "La Flor de Jade" in closed story with its own end. ecploring unknown passages in his literary work (work that captured the illustrator Luis Royo and the lastest responsible for this writer to have been chosen to build the project novels Malefic Time).
It goes into the depth of a dramatic event that will mark the future life of those who attend it. It narrates  in two parts the events experienced during a night of anger in which our main characters, two lovers, are cruelly separated by the hand of wrath, fate and death. A woman whom killing and dying for, a man willing to die for her and a sword -that becames an executioner and legend at the same time-, the only refuge for the memories and the pain of a torn soul. These are the ingredients of a more torn and pure romance story; told with epic and poetic cadence pulse.
           The illustrator provides his personal vision of drama, reinterpreting some well-known characters -he has been responsible for the covers of novels published so far in this saga-, playing to enhance the atmosphere of the images with plenty of loose strokes, "non finite" almost impressionistic at times. Illustrations with several narrative levels, overlaps, background radiation, a palette that reaches the senses, to enhance the poetic effect of the linked text. Recreating more than narrating, leaving the force to the eyes of the characters, encouraging a sense of immediacy with the movement in the scenes, running away from statism and hyperreality and leaving the reader to  take part in the final construction of the balance that constantly play narration and illustration at.

From this blog you can follow the steps in construction of this project, and see how an anonymous traveler, comment and participate, leave your impressions. This story is growing up with you and for you.

J. Vilches
Charro J.

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