viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011

Äriel seen through Allwënn eyes.

          "We are looking for a magical woman, a sorcerer, an evocative and captivating woman. It can be a non-real woman. The extreme difficulty will be that."

      "Äriel is intense, deeply magical, compelling. It's not just her beuty but what emanates from her. That is a thing we cannot achieve only with a beautiful body, we have to go beyond this. We have to overcome the fact.

This ilustration is one of the first one to be presented for the project. It has also had a longer development in time. Laying your eyes in Alwënn's eyes and transmiting with the picture the image that he is seeing... A little bit more, really; transmitting what the warrior is feeling when he observes her, the whole dream that the Hergos Virgin signifies for the character and -finally- making us to see her through his eyes. This is the real picture's challenge, a challenge that makes me park the picture for months until I felt myself ready to impress it everything we wanted to give.

Here you are some of the previous designs.

“Äriel should speak with her eyes.”
J.Vilches' note about  Äriel design.

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