domingo, 22 de enero de 2012

Never Stop

fragment of illustration "Dark Omen"

We continue sharing material from the soon to be our first illustrated story, yet we dare not to give a specific date but our goal is around two months to complete the pictures and put the final layout adjustments.
At the moment I can´t tell you more, except that we have not stopped working and we are increasingly happy with the result. We have already started talking about the possibility to contine this format with other stories, but I´ll tell you when the time comes ;).

Pencil Sketch: Äriel

Pencil Sketch: Allwënn

viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2011

The Calm before the Storm

We are still here. Soul & Sword moves on, comes, vibrates ... Early next year, the first illustrated project will see the light. Soul & Sword is a self-ending story that precedes the novels of  "La Flor de Jade". Why not to say it ... I'm enjoying :)
Swords Storm - colour sketch

pencil sketch

pencil sketch

lunes, 29 de agosto de 2011

Äriel in Exotique 7. Charro wins.

After the obliged and needed stop imposed by Summer, September arises with news that give us impulse and energy again. This Javier Charro's illustration from our project "Allwënn: Soul&Sword" has been chosen by the prestigious publishing house "Ballistic Publishing" for its annual catalogue EXOTIQUE. The number of this year will be the seventh of this australian house that is an international reference in illustrations and illustrators during the last years. The fact that our Äriel has been chosen is a Javier Charro's personal triumph and a show of his work cuality and the cuality he is giving to our project that is following its narrow path.

I want to add my personal congratulations and share with you all this important news that encourages us for what is going to come.

Our Galeon moves forward. Congratulations, Javier Charro. My warmest congratulations. We are proud of you.

More information about Ballistic and its yearbook here